XML in payment transfer

  • The data exchange between customer and bank and within the Austrian bank takes place with standardised XML messages.
  • The international standardisation of payment transfer messages is an ongoing process.
  • ISO 20022 (UNIFI (UNIversal Financial Industry message scheme)) is the basis for the standardisation process.
  • SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) provides a network that enables financial institutions worldwide to send and receive information about financial transactions (UNIFI) in a secure, standardised and reliable environment. All registered schemes are publicly available on ISO 20022.
  • The EPC "European Payments Council" is working on the messages for the SEPA structures and publishes the current documentation.
  • The PSA adapts the XML SEPA messages to the national requirements and supports the customers and bank by its process of migration.
The XML formats which have been available since the beginning of 2008 which conform to the latest version of the SEPA process may be found in the  folder download area (only in german).

Please note that these XML formats are used for all transactions, not only for SEPA! The payment transfer format EDIFACT is replaced with the introduction of the XML formats.

The interbank messages for SEPA (Zwischenbank-XML-Nachrichten für SEPA) are also available in the  folder download area (only in german). Check your files with our XML Checker to verify the format of transfers.

XML - Structure Overview

Data that are exchanged between customers and banks in Austria are sent in a file whose logical structure consists of several levels. The GroupHeader contains the necessary metadata for the exchange, which do not include any payment transfer accounting data.
Below that, the data that are to be transferred may be found. First of all the payment information level, which is composed of several different transaction elements, followed by the individual levels, which contain the individual transaction elements which belong to the payment.


  • UNIFI UNIversal Financial Industry message scheme, ISO 20022 messages
  • URN Uniform Resource Name, unique name for an object
  • URL Uniform Resource Locator, unique storage location of an object e.g. local path
  • Parser Program, extracts the XML coded data and preprocesses it if necessary
PSA is fully involved in the work of international standardisation of XML communications for payment transfers and is currently gaining competence in XML application and XML technology.

The following national projects have already been completed in XML:

  • subsequent tracking automation
  • eps-payment standard
  • electronic payment confirmation
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