MBS - Multi Bank Standard

The Multi Bank Standard for Electronic Banking was set up primarily for commercial bank customers who have account relationships at several Austrian banks and enables the account holders to use software provided by their bank to take their remittance data directly from the accounting system (import / export). 

The advantages of the MBS Multi Bank Standard at a glance: 

  • Access to your account information at any time
  • Low processing fees 
  • Faster processing of orders 
  • Interface to external systems 
  • Multi-user capability
MBS was introduced in the middle of the 1990s and is currently being further developed.
Software packages used by other banks and sectors are derivatives of one of the following basic packages:

  • BusinessLine
    Bank Austria

    [RACON] Raiffeisen, BAWAG-P.S.K. Gruppe, Hypos in Oberösterreich, Salzburg und der Steiermark, VKB-Bank, BKS, BTV, Oberbank, Schelhammer & Schattera, Capital Bank, Posojilnica Bank eGen, Hypo-Bank Burgenland

  • Telebanking Pro / George Business
    Erste Bank und Sparkassen

  • HBP Home&Office Banking Plattform
    Volksbanken, Apothekerbank, Die Ärztebank, HYPO Vorarlberg Bank AG, HYPO Tirol und Niederösterreich, Schoellerbank, Spaenglerbank, SPARDA-BANK Austria, Austrian Anadi Bank AG


Communication with the bank computers takes place through the exchange of communication via secured data links. Comprehensive security measures guarantee the security of your sensitive data.

Available services

With the Multi Bank Standard you can use the following services: 

  • Domestic and foreign remittances  
  • Cash instructions, urgent orders, orders for amounts to be paid  
  • Checking the current account balance  
  • Checking current prices (foreign exchange)  
  • Checking the account statements  
  • Retrieval of return data received
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