QR-Code Generator

The QR-Code (=Quick Response) is a two-dimensional code – similar to the customary barcode. It can only used for the initiation of the "Zahlungsanweisung". Further information is available in the  folder download area or here.

XML Checker

In cooperation with the company GEFEG, PSA offered the possibility to check XML files on their validity (in the fashion of Austrian financial institutes demanding them from their customers).

They are not only examined on their syntax, but also the dependencies, prerequisites and restrictions which are necessary for the applications are taken into account.

These testings enable the facilitation and the expediting of the following required tests by credit institutes.

Attention, important instructions:

  • Registration with user name and pass word for upload and testing
  • Your personal area is only visible for you
  • File size smaller than 20 kB

IBAN Check

The IBAN consists of the ISO-country code, a two-digit check digit, bank informations and the account number. The length of the IBAN can contain up to 34 digits because of country-specific conditions. In Austria the IBAN contains 20 digits.

With the Check-Script you can check the formal correctness of an IBAN.

Payment references

For the transmission of as many informations as possible in the "Verwendungszweck" in a "Zahlungsanweisung", special patternings were developed.

For tax payments/post bar and EACT respectively, a standardised payment reference is required. 140 characters are valid for unstructured references and 35 characters for structured references.

Because joint forwardings of the payment reference (former client data fields) and the "Verwendungszweck" (a line of a maximum of 140 characters, line breaks are invalid) are not possible anymore, the following structures are determined for special cases:
  • Post bar-payment
    Thus you send money to a beneficiary without an acount by use of the post-service.
    pdf Here (467 KB) are special rules for the "Verwendungszweck" for post bar-payments.

  • EACT
    Possibility for the structuring of payment information.
    Structure for the "Verwendungszweck" of EACT are available pdf here (770 KB) .
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