Payment references

Special structurings were developed in order to pass on as many informations as possible in the box "Verwendungszweck" of a "Zahlungsanweisung".
For tax payments/postbar payments and EACT respectively, a standardised payment reference is necessary. For an unstructured "Verwendungszweck" 140 characters are valid, for a structured "Verwendungszweck" 35 characters.

Tax payment

The tax payment offers you the possibility to comfortably perform various levy payments to revenue offices. In the process, the informations about the particular levies and their amounts to the payee are passed on and helps the payee to match their payment unambiguously.
Special rules for the "Verwendungszweck" for tax payments are available   pdf here (422 KB) .

Postbar payment

The "Baranweisung" offers you the possibility to send money to a recipient who has no giro account.
Special rules for the "Verwendungszweck" for postbar payments are availavble pdf here. (467 KB)


The EACT (European Association of Corporate Treasurers) elaborated a structure via which the 140 characters of the text being available in XML-format for SEPA-transactions may be used for detailed reconciliations of invoice. The structure for the "Verwendungszweck" of EACT is available pdf here. (770 KB)

In this case, PSA offers you a service which can automatically detect the payment reference.

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